Live To Ride
High Concept

"Live To Ride" is a buddy/road film about two friends, motorcycle enthusiast, who plan a trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, to celebrate our main character's 30th birthday at the biggest motorcycle event on the planet.

Main Characters

Michael, (played by Casper Van Dien) our main character, is an intelligent, physically capable stuntman, who specializes in motorcycle stunts and is an expert bike builder and mechanic by trade. Though fairly idealistic, sensitive and introspective, he is a rugged individualist, who embodies early American patriotic values of freedom, truth and justice. He actually deplores injustice and will fight to defend anyone weaker than himself. Raised alone by his mother and never married, Michael has never known his father, nor does he possess even a single photograph. His mother has kept his father's true identity a secret for Michael's entire life. As a result, Michael is experiencing an identity crisis as he approaches the milestone of his 30th birthday. Feeling unfulfilled by his work and personal life, he is on a quest to find true love and the truth concerning his past.

Alex (played by Patrick Muldoon) is the tough, late 20's witty, adventurous, smart aleck, computer hacker sidekick of Michael. He is a total fringe player.

The Pope,(TBA) mid 50's, is a lifetime biker, who retreated to the Hills of S. D. to pursue his passion with computers, he has become a master. Over the last 25 years he has created a vast underground network and an army of foot soldiers to rival any of its kind, which he controls from an underground nuclear missile silo, that he acquired from the government. Known as "The Pope" by his soldiers, out of reverence and fear, he has transformed the silo into a high tech control center like the "bat-cave", which is affectionately known as "The Vatican". Internationally and politically connected, he is the powerful, reclusive, imposing, virtually omnipotent guru of the biker movement.

Frances, (played by Theresa Russell) Michael's mother, a former New Orleans prostitute who became pregnant while experiencing one of those 60's parties over 30 years ago.

Jack Steele (played by William Forsythe) is the powerful, corrupt Chicago politician, who covering for a mid-range politician is linked to mob ties and illegal endorsements, hires some goons to retrieve a computer disk with incriminating information and have Michael and Alex killed.

Dan Everett (played by John Smith) is a one-legged, homeless Vietnam vet, Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipient, who is a victim of a hit-and-run accident that Michel and Alex witness. Embarrassed by his homeless, jobless status over the past 12 years, Dan possesses $16,000 in a brown paper bag which he has saved panhandling, selling blood and doing card tricks at Venice Beach, which he gives to Michael to bring to his daughter in South Bend, IN. This will help his seven year old grandson, whom he has never seen, receive an organ transplant.

Sarah and Tommy (TBA) are the 27 year-old daughter and seven year-old grandson who has no father and is in need of a kidney transplant, who Michael promises to deliver Dan’s saved money to in South Bend, IN.

Dean, the Hitman (played by Branscomb Richmond) Top Henchman assigned to kill Mike and Alex and retrieve the Video Tape which incriminates Jack Steele, the Gangster, and a California Politician Forest Clayton and other California Businessmen.

Forest Clayton (played by Kurt Andon), The Crooked U.S. Senator.