Live To Ride

MIKE and ALEX, two best friends and fellow bikers, are on their way to Sturgis, South Dakota from California. They arrive in Phoenix to visit Mike's mom, and Mike learns that his father, whom he thought had been killed in Vietnam, had actually been a biker killed on the road by a bounty hunter. His father's bike, still in a crate in the garage, inspires Mike to rebuild his California “Bad Boy'' into a completely custom “Chopper'', with a waving American flag on the tank.

Also in Phoenix, but unbeknownst to Mike and Alex, two common criminals plot to blackmail a CONGRESSMAN staying in the hotel they manage. Through a security camera we see the congressman passing off confidential documents to two high profile businessmen and the head of a mob family, STEELE, for a suitcase full of cash.

When the blackmailers get discovered, one of them, running for his life, stumbles into a bar and happens upon his old friend, Alex. He drops a videotape of the Senator's transaction into Alex's bag, and takes off. The adventure begins.

Steele sends two of his boys, VIC and DEAN, after the boys on the bikes. But what they think will be an easy hit on an unsuspecting target turns into a series of comedic mishaps and near misses, all the way to Sturgis.

Steele, fed up with Vic and Dean, calls on an old acquaintance outside Sturgis, THE POPE, who leads a community of bikers. He grabs Mike and Alex and takes them to his headquarters. But something catches the Pope’s eye, it’s Mike's bike. He recognizes it. The Pope realizes that Mike's bike, at least the tank, used to belong to his old riding partner, Mike's father. He'd like to help Mike, but he has a reputation to maintain, and unfortunately, The Pope has already turned Mike and Alex over to Steele’s henchmen. They're about to die with guns to their heads. Just as it seems the end has finally come for Mike and Alex, The Pope and his gang ride over the hill like a modern day cavalry to save the day.