Born To Ride - The Movie
Executive Summary

With the lure of the American Motorcycle lifestyle, i.e. Harley-Davidson, timing is perfect for the Born To Ride movie. Born To Ride does not suffer from conventional film competition because of its niche-driven storyline. Similar in many ways to the extraordinarily successful motorcycle movie Easy Rider, Born To Ride promises almost a cult following.

Motorcycles and the related lifestyle has become a $6 billion USD a year industry. Born To Ride shines a new light on what today's motorcycle enthusiast has become. The two main characters of this movie exemplify the majority of current motorcycle enthusiasts such as Judges, CEO's, Stock Brokers, and the like. These motorcycle-riding executives have brought a more positive view of the motorcycle enthusiast to the public eye. This movie captures the true spirit of riding in a dramatic story that breaks the negative, stereotype that so long burdened the Industry.

Born To Ride is assured distribution through Sunset Pictures of Hollywood, CA., who has secured distribution via MGM, Anchor Bay, Encore Entertainment and Starz.

Born To Ride has a built-in audience that has shown a die-hard loyalty to their lifestyle. No doubt, this film will be a part of every motorcycle enthusiast's video/DVD collection. In addition, the sound track will contain great classic-rock-style road songs that will provide the listener with the excitement of two-wheeled action and the spirit of riding on the open road.

Born To Ride is an opportunity in many ways. In a time when two to three movies are coming out every week, and many are obviously knock-offs of last-month's hit, Born To Ride stands out as a unique story in a unique genre, with an audience just waiting to see the action that they prefer to surround themselves with.

With motorcycle and accessory sales growing each year, Born To Ride promises to have an ongoing appeal as new riders seek out storylines that correlate to their new found love of riding. Like "Easy-Rider'' and “Born To Be Wild'', “Born To Ride'' promises to become a standard in the identity of the motorcycle movement.

The Movie “Born To Ride” starring Casper Van Dien, Patrick Muldoon, Wiliam Forsythe, Theresa Russell, and Branscomb Richmond is a genre-driven, buddy picture incorporating all the characteristics and features of recently released motorcycle themed films. Although “Born To Ride” possesses these features, it is unique in that it contains content pertinent to the ever growing “Motorcycle-Movement” itself. The writer of “Born To Ride,” being an avid motorcycle enthusiast for 20 years, has participated intimately with the constituents of this rapidly growing movement as well as worked with sponsors and promoters of hundreds of motorcycle events and rallies as a musical performer. Further, he has developed significant personal and business relationships with Harley-Davidson Motor Company staff and biker icons such as Willie G. Davidson, Joe Dowd, and more. This enabled the writer to develop content which strikes a deep chord with those who ride, as well as those who shape the industry. “Born To Ride” is a completed film currently in negotiations for the best distribution deal possible.

Although “Born To Ride” delivers all of the features of a full theatrical release, this film will best serve as a direct-to-DVD release. Direct-to-DVD is a common distribution strategy utilized by large studios and independent film companies alike, as it is increasingly the best financial model to yield the greatest net profit and a rapid ROI.