Xpeditions Into The Unknown (XITU)


High Concept

Though at times it reads as a science-fiction drama, XITU is based on factual places and events. It is an adventure reality series following a group of uniquely talented and intrepid individuals who investigate long forgotten mysteries of a forgotten world. As 2012 approaches, they are intent to find and unlock details left behind from an age lost long ago. During their journeys into remote and obscure places, they examine details of lost civilizations, ancient knowledge, paranormal activity, UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, and religious/political conspiracies dating back millennia.

Project Summary

The Xpeditions team is a very special and highly-talented group of individuals who differ greatly from the contrived group of actors posing as paranormal investigators on today’s reality TV shows. The Xpeditions team is led by Jerry and Kathy Wills, a real-to-life Indiana Jones team who have spent their lives investigating and traveling to some of the most remote and mysterious places on Earth. Since meeting in 1997 they have rediscovered ancient cities and explored long forgotten places in North, Central and South America.

Kathy Wills, a fearless explorer and paranormal and ancient records researcher, spends hours scanning over satellite photographs, rummaging through old libraries and examining ancient records, to unravel the locations of forgotten civilizations and ancient places. Kathy also fine tunes the operation by determining travel, expeditionary and site logistics.

Jerry Wills, also a well known explorer and world-renowned intuitive, examines research data and ancient artifacts. Over the decades, Jerry has developed relationships with a unique variety of individuals, ranging from Shamen in remote mountain hideaways to those in high places of indigenous societies. These unique, and sometimes surprising, individuals support this exploration by providing information not made available to others. Because of a special ability Jerry possesses, he can access information from ancient fabrics, worked stones and ancient relics to relate more about the hidden stories they contain. Together, Jerry & Kathy fearlessly trek remote deserts, cross mountain ranges and traverse the Amazon jungle to find answers.

The other half of the Xpeditions team is Michael Higgins and Carla Kirlin. Michael is a master of computers and advanced technologies, and has an innate understanding of frequency. This gives him the ability to design specialized equipment for the team, and to recognize and describe the purposes and theoretical construction methods of ancient technology, should it be found. While also a healer, Michael’s uncanny ability to research and precisely arrange and recall data allows the Xpeditions team to navigate large amounts of information quickly. Michael’s razor sharp mind is his strongest asset for the team. Carla is a strong intuitive, whose ability to sense the unseen, benefits discovery, and warns of danger. As an accomplished artist, Carla draws what the camera cannot see, and sketches what other team members have seen intuitively or in person. From UFO sightings and encounters, to researching and exposing the deepest conspiracies, Michael and Carla have developed ESP and highly attuned mental abilities, permitting them to quickly analyze and assess situations bringing answers and solutions to conundrums that would otherwise baffle most.

Back home, the team’s liaison to the world is internationally-renowned internet talk-show host, Kevin Smith. While sometimes broadcasting the Xpeditions team live on-air, and other times providing much needed real-time research, he also uses his world-wide audience to help gather information or solve a puzzle to help the Xpeditions team. Kevin’s military training and expertise, and his global contacts with law enforcement, assures the team is well protected and informed. Kevin is an integral part of the success of the team.

Together, the Xpeditions team travels the world to places of breathtaking beauty and splendor that many only dream of. This group provides answers to mysteries that have confounded people for ages. Discoveries made during this series might add to what is known of ancient history, people and events, turning conventional history on its head!