Live To Ride (now "Born To Ride")
Genre: Action/Drama

Tagline: Motorcycle/buddy movie proving nice guys don't always finish last.

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Patrick Muldoon,
             William Forsythe, Branscomb Richmond,
             Theresa Russell

Producers: Mike Jones, Dahlia Waingort

Status: completed; negotiating distribution

Executive Summary

High Concept

Genre: Comedy

Tagline: A wealthy Chicago attorney dies and
            leaves his broke, alcoholic brother a
            mansion with a strict H.O.A.

Starring: TBD

Status: Preparation

Man With Bear Spirit
Genre: Drama

Tagline: A grizzly bear and a great hunter fight
             to the bear's death, and the bear's spirit              enters the man, who can then
communicate with other animals.

Starring: TBD

Status: Preparation

Executive Summary / High Concept

Best Friends and Married Men
Genre: Comedy

Tagline: The "Odd Couple" of the 21st century

Starring: TBD

Status: Preparation

Xpeditions Into The Unknown
Genre: Adventure/Reality/Documentary

Tagline: Exposing ancient civilizations
            and scientific anomolies to
            curious minds

Starring: Jerry & Kathy Wills,
             Michael Higgins, Carla Kirlin

Status: Treatments for 3 episodes,
           Outlines for 10 more

Although designed as a 13-week TV series,
Xpeditions Into The Unknown could also be produced as a feature film.

High Concept/Project Summary

TRV - (Technical Remote Viewing)
Genre: Action/Suspense/Sci-Fi

Tagline: A student genius stumbles upon the
            technique of Technical Remote Viewing,
            and uncovers a nefarious plot to kill
            most of humanity.

Starring: TBD

Status: Preparation

Movie pilot, and TV series