Milwaukee Event 09/05/2011
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Born To RideMarcus Ridge CinemasThe movie "Born To Ride" is officially released, and was celebrated in a big way in Milwaukee last week, as the writer, many members of the cast, and even most of the band from the movie showed up from around the country.

Casper Van Dien, Jamison Jones, Jack Maxwell, and Keith Ball were all there from California, and Branscombe Richmond and his wife flew in from Hawaii to enjoy the weekend's events.

Jones and Cast of Born To RideMike A. Jones, the movie's writer, original soundtrack composer, and producer, came from Phoenix with Carla and Michael of "Generation Jones" the band seen in the film, and the band touring to support the album "Ride To Live, Live To Ride." (In addition,  the two are the core of the neo-classic rock act "Element 115," and Art Director and V.P. of Wolf On The Moon, respectively.)

Autographs and photos with the starsRight through the rain, the group enjoyed a full day and evening of events. The cast were magnanimous with their time, signing autographs, shaking hands, taking pictures, and partying as the night went on.

Starting at 10:30am, the movie screening happened at the Marcus Ridge Cinemas in New Berlin. The movie stars did the movie star thing (autographs, photos) without any of that notorious "movie-star attitude." These guys were all about helping the causes that caring motorcyclists share, as well as sharing with Mike A. Jones that almost no one gets an independent film released these days.

The group dropped in on Sobelman's Bar and Grille at 6pm, where Casper and Branscombe decided to cook on the grille, and everyone else watched the closed-circuit TVs of them doing so.

Michael and Branscombe sing at ZendenFrom there, the limousines hit the town starting with Bar Louie on Water Street. The entire front of the club was overtaken with local folks checking out the party and meeting the stars. After a couple of more stops, the group retired to a private VIP party at Zenden in the InterContinental Hotel.

The Concert at The Compound

Hupy, Jones, and actors from the filmSunday, the group drove out to Big Bend, Wisconsin to the Road Guardians Compound. There, the sponsor, Mike Hupy of Hupy & Abraham attorneys, and the Road Guardians had a concert to raise money for charities. The show opened with Generation Jones, and it all got crazy when they played "Mustang Sally" and the cast and about everyone else got on stage. Jamison Jones jumped on the drums and proved that he knows how to rock!

Mike A. Jones & Dave ZienDave Zien, the "Million Mile Man," was always somewhere to be seen, as he reminds everyone everywhere to be safe on their bikes, and to watch for motorcycles when driving cars.

The local group "The Sociables" finished the day with hours of classic Southern rock performed magnificently.