Dr. Sathish Chari - Producer
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Dr. Sathish ChariInvestor, Associate Producer, Writer

Dr. Sathish Chari is an accomplished business man with multiple degrees from the University of Detroit in both business and medicine.

A highly esteemed member of the community, Dr. Chari is also a member of the world renowned and highly revered group of medical professionals known as "Doctors Without Borders." Dr. Chari and his philanthropic associates travel around the world to remote places and third world countries to administer life saving medication and procedures to people who would otherwise never receive it, seeking only the joy and satisfaction that comes with saving and making better the lives of the hopeless.

A great fan of movies, Dr. Chari had long dreamed of being in the movie business himself. This dream was realized when in October of 2008, Dr. Chari met screenwriter and film producer Mike Jones. Dr. Chari quickly decided to invest in Wolf On The Moon Productions. One of W.O.T.M.s preeminent projects "An American Without Borders" (of which Sathish is a contributing writer), is based on actual real life events in Dr. Chari's life. A family man, Dr. Chari has a lovely wife and three children.