WELCOME to Wolf On The Moon Productions

Wolf On The Moon Productions (WOTM) is a limited liability company in good standing. WOTM is a privately held company whose purpose is to create, acquire, and develop teleplays and motion picture screenplays, and produce full-length feature motion pictures, animated films, movie soundtracks, and television content.

WOTM possesses a collection of film and TV projects that range in content and subject matter from G-rated animated family movies, to movies for mature audiences.

Click on this link to view the trailer from our very first film that went WORLDWIDE!

Several of these projects possess extensive merchandising and marketing components that greatly amplify revenue potential. These include computer video games, movie character action figures and toys, as well as highly-commercial cross-marketing features. Some of these films have “niche-driven” themes that are supported by loyal die-hard audiences. See “Born To Ride” or “The Man With Bear Spirit” executive summaries in the Films section of this web site for examples.

Although WOTM is in the business of producing films for the purpose of profit and entertainment, most of our films aspire to bring some pertinent social issue(s) to the attention of the viewer. In the course of seeking funds for our projects, especially from independent or private equity sources, it is our experience that many individuals with an interest in the film business have incredible stories and ideas of their own. Many of these stories are based on true events, giving them a quality difficult to achieve with fiction. In most cases, independently-wealthy people have done much and achieved much (often through the endurance of many tough trials), and may receive a higher calling from these experiences in life. Some become endowed with great philanthropic desire, and want to create something special for the world based on their own personal experience. The making of a film is a great way to deliver a message to millions. WOTM is very sensitive and receptive to these special funders. As producers seeking funding, we are always confronted with the all-too real primary concern of potential funders, which is the security of their investment. This concern is the reason that WOTM’s philosophy regarding funders and films is vastly different from conventional film companies and traditional film-deal structures.

It is our consensus and belief that the safest and most successful way for funders to participate in film making, is for funders to have an equity position in the intellectual properties themselves, and be members of the company producing them. For films, a unique LLC is created wherein the funder is an officer. This arrangement keeps the funder in the know on where, when, and how the funds are being distributed. WOTM understands that different funders have different requirements and desires, and therefore we are receptive to funding structures which best suit any particular funder.

There are tax incentives available that have been created at the federal and state level, which allow funders to write-off a large percentage of investment dollars spent on film production within the United States. Recent economic events, as well as Wall Street melt-downs have made film and entertainment one of the most attractive investment vehicles available today. Billions of dollars are being invested into small indie film companies and studio film projects.