Mike Anthony Jones

Author, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Musician, Producer

Mike on HarleyBorn in Chicago, Mike grew up on the cold, hard, urban streets. Mike A. Jones picked up a guitar in his early teens and taught himself to play. A 35 year veteran of the music industry, Mike has toured nationally many times with various bands that he formed around his vast original song collection.

Mike’s original songwriting encompasses such musical genres as, rock, blues, country, southern rock, jazz, and jazz-rock fusion, and culminates in a very distinctive “Americana” style, reflecting Mike’s overall musical expression.

In the mid 1980’s Mike attended Chicago State University, and became certified in television production. In ’91 Mike moved to Arizona and bought a Harley, took his beloved 12-string acoustic guitar, and threw them both in a blender and re-invented himself. Mike found a niche writing songs of adventure and the open road. This put Mike back on the touring circuit playing his motorcycle riding songs for tens of thousands of people at motorcycle rallies all around the country. Mike’s songs were considered so unique and original that he was invited to play many private events for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company by company executives, which were attended by such famous celebrities as Jay Leno, Steven Tyler, Peter Fonda, and many more.

Mike wrote the Harley-Davidson 100-year anniversary song “Yesterday 1903” and the hall of fame induction song for Willie G. Davidson, executive and family member of the original founders of Harley-Davidson. This all led Mike to the writing of one of his first motion picture screenplays “Live To Ride”, which has been produced into a feature length movie released in 2011 as “Born To Ride.” Side by side with his screenwriting partner and close friend Rob Vozza from whom Mike learned to write movies, Mike has gone on to write multiple Dan Aykroyd looks at HOA scriptscreenplays and movie treatments. He is now C.E.O. of his own film company, Wolf On The Moon Productions, which already owns several valuable intellectual properties.

Because Hollywood can be a difficult and ruthless place, a writer’s creative work can very easily be subjected to plagiarism or outright piracy. For this reason, Mike became very protective of his work. He developed a large body of screenplays, treatments, teleplays, and music, and decided not to shop his work at every door in Hollywood. Instead, he decided to assemble the right combination of trustworthy personnel, and qualified funders to produce these great films.

The protection of the funder’s investment and the integrity of the creative material, is Mike’s highest priority.

Michael Macpherson

Producer, Multimedia Developer, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Engineer, Programmer, Animator, Author

Michael with custom gearMichael is a multi-talented individual who never learned that enough is enough. A never-ending quest for knowledge has driven him to pursue many fields.

• Summa graduate in Computer Science
In Who’s Who in Media and Communications
• Creator of Element 115 show
Pioneer in digital video production / special FX
• Experienced litigator in intellectual property cases
Lecturer on U.S. Constitution
• Teacher of multimedia software
Electrician and electrical engineer
• Author/Programmer of digital curricula
Multi-instrument musician

Though movie-making may not be “rocket science,” Michael received his education in electronics and signal processing on missile development projects in the 1980’s, while multimedia was in its embryonic stages of development. In 1990, a radio station contest was the motivation for Michael and a couple of friends to make a music video. The process of writing, storyboarding, taping, editing, and post-production was too much fun to ignore, so Michael retired from government work and began immersing himself in multimedia production.

Taking the newest Macintosh computers and S-VHS video equipment, he started making TV commercials for 1/10 the price of the major producers in Phoenix. He figured out ways to make animation at a fraction of the price of the big-boys as well, and eventually found a niche in computer-based training for K-12 and corporate markets.

With the use of his house for many scenes of “Live To Ride,” Michael made the jump to major motion pictures. Shooting behind-the-scenes, he learned the nuts and bolts of movie making.

He plays guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, harmonica, sings, and performs and produces with Mike A. Jones the music in Wolf On The Moon films and albums. Michael also works the video cameras and gets the live-stream to flow. If you stick him in an airplane, he can fly that, too.

Always looking on the bright side, and with a wealth of experience, you definitely want Michael on your team to help solve problems when they pop up.

Michael and Branscombe Richmond

Michael on keyboardsCasper and Michael on set